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    Turn ideas to products

    Creatives and entrepreneurs are driven by passion and vision to create a new service or product. You need a technical partner, competent enough to interpret your ideas and bring them to life without you having to lose focus on your core

    The Software Development Process

    Our job is to interpret your idea into a product. The process involves

    Depending on what stage we start talking, we may just focus on two or three services

    1. We require that the client sends us a brief containing the main idea for the app of software. This brief should answer the questions of what the app should do and how you intend for it to work
    2. We would study the brief and attempt to interpret it into a working flowchart that shows or simulates user journeys. This document is agreed upon before we proceed to the next stage
    3. We build the system architecture and break down the development into different pieces. This is the point where we are able to estimate exactly how long the development would take in terms of man hours and also convert the development into a budget
    4. The development process begins with different milestones for review and deployment until development is complete
    5. Deployment: at this stage, we launch the software, train and transfer ownership to your team.
    6. Maintenance retainership: this is an optional phase where we go into a maintenance agreement for the software if you wish to keep our team on standby for timely bug fixes, iterations and future developments