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EdTech Consulting
We help schools and education providers design, identify or implement simple technology hacks that make the difference between average schools and world class schools.
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Software & Web Development
We don't just build software and websites, we help businesses and organizations solve problems with technology.
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STEM Education
We have a vision to teach 360,000 Nigerian children to code by 2024, and 1 Million African children by 2027. We developed Africa's first Computer Programming textbooks for children.
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Welcome to Daveshoope.

People have problems. Organizations have problems. Nations have problems. Society has problems. Everybody is looking for answers. At Daveshoope, we take on the hard problems that face individuals, organizations, nations and society, and we create answers.

Our clients don’t need software, they need answers and solutions, and sometimes these answers may look like software. Our background in software positions us to maximize technology to provide answers, but many of our answers will extend beyond technology, and that’s why we don’t see ourselves as a software company anymore, but as a solutions company.


We help businesses look at problems with lens of technology and think through tech enabled solutions to everyday problems.

STEM Education

We run a coding, tech and startup school for children from ages 5 to 16. We teach them to think, to code and to create. We run both both physical and virtual classes.

Software Development

We build software and application to solve problems that we know would make an impact, especially for organizations and businesses.

Products we have built

SchoolX is a school management system than thinks just like you, but faster and smarter.

Smart reporting and analysis for churches of all sizes. See insights from your church data.

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Web Development

We have more than ten years experiences creating amazing web-based solutions for our clients. Our team handles end-to-end development from conceptualization, UI/UX Design, Front-End, Back-End and hosting.

Mobile App Development

We offer a 360 cycle of mobile app planning, development and integration, If you’re looking to leverage mobile technology for your business, our best app developers are at the best.

We are your #1 EdTech Consultant!

Our consulting services helps you address and align your organization with your end to end business needs with current realities.

Projects & Case Studies

Live Assured Limited

We helped LiveAssured think through their business from the business model to the software that powered operations.

Reagan Home and Furniture

The Problem: Reagan had amazing products stored in a warehouse that was not reaching their ideal customers.

Nteps Supermarket

The Problem: Nteps had a website where the inventory online and in store wasn't in sync and customers were ordering out of stock products.

Paediatric Association of Nigeria

The Problem: to host a world class conference and handle registrations, abstracts, hotels and everything without headaches

Brainy Hives School

The Problem: the school couldn't keep up with the cost of printing results and preparing student reports manually.

Insight Bible Church

The Problem: 34 branches. How does the senior pastor track the growth or decline of each location in real time?

The Process

Research & Discovery

We start by getting a proper understanding of your needs and expectations, then align them with your business objectives and goals through our unique collaborative process.

Product Design

Armed with the data from the discovery phase, we turn the objectives into actionable phases, designing the solution with the business objectives in mind.


This is where the magic begins! We use a human centred approach geared at the end users in designing the final product.


Hurray! Your unique designed to fit solution is ready for deployment.

Let's Grow your child with our STEM Education!

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