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Free Webinar: Teaching Coding to Kids

October 21, 2022 Daveshoope 2 Comments Tags: , ,
  • Are you a parent who desires to help your children to learn to code? 
  • Are you a coding teacher in a school, club or project who needs to improve the quality of your results with students?
  • Are you a teacher who wants to start teaching Coding but are wondering where to start?
  • You might be an educator who wants to explore the value of integrating Computer Programming in your school curriculum.

Join us on Sunday 23rd October at 7pm (WAT) for a live webinar where we talk about how to get started in teaching Coding to Children, either in school, at home or in a non-formal setting.

In this interactive 60-90 mins webinar, we will cover the basics of why and how learning to code positions children for career leadership in a fast-transforming world, what you need to know before starting, some tools and platforms to use with total beginners and how you can get resources to keep your learners engaged.

Don’t miss it, and feel free to share.

Powered by: Early Coding for Kids

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